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HOT STUFF Testosterone Potentiator - Banana 3.12 lb

HOT STUFF Testosterone Potentiator - Banana 3.12 lb
Hot Stuff
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HOT STUFF Testosterone Potentiator - Banana 3.12 lb
One of the most crucial factors for success in the muscle building process is the hormone testosterone. This substance is normally produced in the healthy human body, although its amounts may vary widely between individuals. In fact, its production level can vary widely in the same individuals depending on such specific factors as age, illness, stress, diet, exercise. So important is testosterone to an exercise program that only small variations in serum (blood) levels can mean the difference between strong, well developed muscles or a flabby, smooth appearance.

Unfortunately, many athletes and weightlifters are resorting to synthetic chemical testosterone sources (anabolic steroids, etc.), to improve their muscle and strength building programs. While significant short term results are undeniable, such practices can lead to serious health complications as well as personality alteration and extreme psychological dependency.

For those athletes and weightlifters who do not wish to go the drug route, nutritional science has been relentlessly forging ahead with new and better alternatives. We are pleased to offer you one of the most advanced and powerful natural steroid alternatives – HOT STUFF. This product is a potent hormone igniter containing proven substances which help increase the natural testosterone levels of the body.

Each serving of HOT STUFF is jammed packed with 40 grams of high quality whey and milk protein blended together with 6,000 milligrams of key testosterone boosters. Things like Tribulus, Fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama, Chrysin, Damiana, Macca, Nettle Root, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng and much more.

HOT STUFF also features energy enhancers and workout boosters like Beta-Alanine, Creatine, Vitamin B-6, Guarana, Magnesium, Zinc, L-Carnitine and Rhodiola Rosea.

If you want to increase the muscle-building levels of testosterone in your body, HOT STUFF is the supplement for you.
  • Promote lightning-quick gains in lean muscle mass
  • Blast strength levels by up to 15-25%
  • Melt away inter-muscular body fat
  • Dramatically reduce post workout muscle soreness
  • Provide a longer lasting muscle pump

HOT STUFF Testosterone Potentiator, is the latest version of this legendary protein powder. This version of Hot Stuff is a protein blend containing 3 different types of Whey proteins plus Casein protein. Leading Nutritionists and top Bodybuilding gurus all agree that a protein BLEND is far more anabolic, than a single protein source. Calling HOT STUFF just a protein, would be a big mistake. What is added to Hot Stuff, is what makes up the legend. Users claim extraordinary gains in muscle mass, and gains in strength. Users also claim increased stamina in the gym, and increased prowess in the bedroom! The Testosterone Potentiating blend of herbs and Minerals added to Hot Stuff is comprehensive to say the least.. Hot Stuff left no stone unturned. Hot Stuff Testosterone Potentiator formula is back in a big way. Get it while you can!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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